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Refund Policy

Nightowl Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. thinks that providing cutting-edge services will help clients’ businesses be more valuable, so we want to give them top-notch services. To reach the desired quality level and a remarkable customer experience, we adhere to a crystal-clear, streamlined working approach.


Nightowl Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd works with clients to meet their needs, breaking them down into manageable milestones along the way to the desired outcome. We continue to assess our efforts and investigate our performance to achieve successful outcomes while removing any factor that might lead to project or contract cancellation, reversal, or disagreement.


To reach every milestone, we must invest a tremendous amount of time and effort into each project. Therefore, a return for our services is unlikely. As a result, once the client has decided to use our services and we have entered the project development stage, we will not issue a refund.


We start with rework and honestly put our best efforts and expertise into fixing it whenever a project encounters an unanticipated difficulty as a result of us, as we believe in upholding wholesome and good business partnerships. If a project is deleted with the consent of both parties, we stop developing it and the customer can take back management of the project.